Introduction to CIC Chain
'CIC Chain' pronounced 'kick' chain.
V1 Whitepaper
In this whitepaper, we will use an easy-to-read format (accessible for all) to provide you with a clear insight into the benefits of Crazy Internet Coin and the technology that powers our blockchain. By reading this paper you will begin to understand the untapped and limitless potential of the technology behind CIC and our own ‘Imprism’ consensus mechanism that powers it.
CIC Chain has combined the best of both the EVM and Hyperledger BESU in perfect harmony. We have built a blockchain of the future, where nothing is off limits and security is of the highest standard. Developers can use all of their favourite EVM tools to build their DApps, or even Javascript/Web3js/Python to build pretty much anything that accepts digital payments. The only limitations, for our blockchain, are the ones set by your imagination. Welcome to the future! If you are reading this in 2022, you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to innovate and disrupt the DeFi space, and the CIC team will offer incentives for developers who choose to build on our platform.
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